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Why AI?



Sprinklr AI

The massive amount of unstructured data on Modern Channels in the Front Office cannot be processed without AI.

No one else has AI built for 30+ Industry verticals for unstructured data on Modern Channels in Front Office.

Sprinklr AI makes 5 Billion predictions a day.

Why Sprinklr AI?

Primary Use Cases that drives Positive Business Outcomes
Modern Marketing
Generate more sales with better content

using integrated insights leveraging AI

Reduce content production costs

and enable agile marketing with automated workflows

Protect your brand’s reputation

with enterprise-grade governance

Modern Advertising
Increase Return on Ad Spend

against your business outcomes using Integrations, AI & Automation

Save advertising production costs

across siloed teams using collaboration, automation & unified reporting

Protect your brand’s reputation

with enterprise-grade governance

Modern Research
Grow your business with insight

by leveraging actionable insights derived from real-time voice of customer using AI

Improve your customer experience

with comprehensive insights and competitive intelligence

Protect your brand’s reputation

by proactively detecting and managing crises

Modern Care
Make Care the new Marketing

by moving care to modern cost effective channels

Reduce agent costs

by reducing response times through automation

Increase customer satisfaction

by improving collaboration with marketing and sales teams

Modern Engagement
Turn social into a revenue driver

by engaging more customers

Get more output from social media managers

using automation and AI to save time

Protect your brand’s reputation

with enterprise-grade governance

Sprinklr Positive Business Outcomes Chart
Increase ROI of Content
Based on Integrated Real-time AI-driven listening, reporting and benchmarking insights on content
Reuse top-performing content across channels, markets and Business units
Leverage user-generated content, Advocacy and influencer for greater effectiveness
Save Time
Automated Workflows with Agile Boards built as sequential logical flows, milestones, due date calculation, role & team assignments, review & approval cycles Contextual Collaboration across Brand, Agency, Legal Teams Real-time, Collaborative Unified Calendar and centralized DAM across channels, markets and business units
Manage Brand Risk
Global Brand Consistency, Brand-Compliant Brief and Content Templates, Governance Rules and Approval Processes
Structured User Roles, Federated User. Audit Trails Controlled and Managed access to Assets & Accounts. Confidential Content. Keyword-driven ‘Stop Publishing’ for Crises
Increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
Real-time optimization driven by AI & Automation across ad variants, targeting and placements
Optimized against Business Outcomes
Optimized across Paid, Owned (Organic) and Earned (Listening)
Save Time
Contextual Collaboration across Brand and Agency Partners Streamlined, Automated Dynamic Ad Building and AI based Optimization
Real-time, Collaborative, Automated Unified Dashboards across Business and Channel Metrics
Manage Brand Risk
Global Brand Consistency, Governance Rules and Approval Processes Structured User Roles, Federated User. Audit Trails Controlled and Managed access to Budgets and Accounts, ‘Pause Media’ for Crises
Improve Products and Services
Actionable Insights due to integrated Listening connected to marketing, Corporate Communication, Advertising and Product teams Optimized against Business Outcomes Optimized across Paid, Owned (Organic) and Earned (Listening)
Save Time
AI-powered automated product insights, service insights and crisis detection
Seamless expansion to more brands and markets leveraging automation, governance and AI-tuned per language
Insights and follow up can be tracked leveraging integrated task management and collaboration
Manage Brand Risk
Crisis detected using largest repository of public digital data due to partnerships, data access and syndication rights of social channels and messaging platforms AI-powered crisis detection which is proactive and more accurate
Fully-integrated crisis management connecting marketing, corporate communication, legal, executives with unified asset management, workflow and collaboration
35 Social and Digital Messaging Channels
Supports major Chinese and Asian channels like WeChat, Line, Kakao, etc Omni-channel customer care platform with Social, Messaging, Chat and Email Modern messaging channels like Apple Business chat, Google RCS supported
Integrated Listening and Care Solution
Deliver Service Insights for? Customer care team to improve CSAT Detect brand crisis emerging? Anywhere by listening into non-social channels like blogs, reviews and forums Predicting CSAT using Early Warning System to proactively detect executive escalations
Care teams collaborate with the rest of Front Office
Care teams identify and nurture leads and prospects to generate Sales
Collaboration with entire front office to deliver superior customer experience
Collaboration with product teams to quickly address customer issues
Increase Revenue and Reduce Churn
Integrated Listening : Opportunity to engage on all public digital conversations Most complete modern channel coverages. 34 social and messaging channels including WhatsApp, Google RCS, Apple iMessage AI based Triaging : Every message is read by AI model, filtering spams & noise from the inbox of community manager
Reduce cost to Engage
AI based Triaging : AI model triages the incoming messages, saving effort on manual triaging and assigning task
Smart Response allows community managers to choose AI powered system generated replies while conversing with audiences, saving time
Bots : Automation engine takes care of repetitive queries using bots and Auto Responses logic
Manage Brand Risk
Crisis Detection : Smart Alert detects crises in real time using AI
Content Governance Automated stop publishing ensures brand guidelines are maintained
User Governance Granular and customizable user roles and enterprise grade access control

AI in Modern Marketing

AI in Modern Advertising

AI in Modern Research

AI in Modern Care

AI in Modern Engagement

Modern Marketing

Modern Advertising

Modern Research

Modern Care

Modern Engagement

Modern Marketing

Modern Advertising

Modern Research

Modern Care

Modern Engagement

Stories From the Field

Microsoft Intuition Moderation

Brand Engagement
Annual Cost Savings

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