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Sprinklr CXM:
The no-compromise decision


When making IT buying decisions, people often feel they need to make a compromise between getting best-of-breed functionality in a point solution versus getting the advantages of a single interface and data model in a unified platform. But with Sprinklr, we are a leader in each Forrester point solution Wave AND the Forrester platform Wave, meaning that with Sprinklr you are getting BOTH best of best-of-breed AND the best platform. You’re welcome.

  • The Forrester WaveTM Social Suites Q4 2019
    As a leader in all 5 Forrester social Waves, Sprinklr is uniquely positioned to give you the best of both worlds — the advantages of a unified platform AND the best point solutions in each Front Office category.
  • The Forrester WaveTM Content Marketing Platforms for B2C Marketers Q2 2019
    “[Sprinklr] is a good fit for large consumer brands that want to communicate and respond quickly across many digital channels.”
  • The Forrester WaveTM Social Listening Platforms Q3 2018
    “[Sprinklr] leverages its extensive social data sources and tech integrations to deliver a core listening product that feeds into six clouds…”
  • The Forrester WaveTM Social Advertising Technology Q3 2017
    “[Sprinklr’s] advertising module creates a richer and more integrated tool for multi-purpose social marketers.”
  • The Forrester WaveTM Social Media Management Solutions Q2 2017
    “[Sprinklr’s] SMMS is best for large enterprise social deployments or organizations that already leverage its listening capability.”