Modern Research

Sprinklr Modern Research enables you to turn data into real-time insights, decisions, and actions with market research that make your customers happier.

Grow your business with insight
by leveraging actionable insights derived from real-time voice of the customer using AI
Improve your customer experience
with comprehensive insights and competitive intelligence
Protect your brand’s reputation
by proactively detecting and managing crises
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Unified Front Office

Lack of actionability due to siloed insights not connected to Marketing, Corporate Communications, Advertising and Product teams.

Unreliable Insights derived from incomplete social and public digital data.

Generic, irrelevant insights due to lack of Industry-specific AI models.

Actionable Insights due to integrated social Listening connected to marketing, Corporate Communication, Advertising and Product teams.

Insights derived from largest repository of public digital data due to partnerships, data access and syndication rights of social channels and messaging platforms.

Accurate, relevant insights powered by AI which is tuned for Industry and language.

Manual, inefficient keyword analysis for product, service and competitive insights.

Not readily scalable to multiple markets, languages and departments.

Offline, manual tracking of actions taken on insights with no accountability.

AI-powered automated product insights, service insights and crisis detection.

Seamless expansion to more brands and markets leveraging automation, governance and AI-tuned per language.

Insights and follow up can be tracked leveraging integrated task management and collaboration.

Inadequate crises detection framework due to incomplete social, messaging and digital data.

Crisis detection restricted to volumetric Keyword-based alerts, leading to false positives.

Siloed, Inefficient crisis mitigation due to manual routing, escalation and offline tracking of tasks management.

Crisis detected using largest repository of public digital data due to partnerships, data access and syndication rights of social channels and messaging platforms.

AI-powered crisis detection which is proactive and more accurate.

Fully-integrated crisis management connecting marketing, corporate communication, legal, executives with unified asset management, workflow and collaboration.

Features include:

  • Industry Common
  • Mainstream Social Channels
  • Web Data
  • Industry Advanced
  • APAC Channel Coverage
  • TV, Radio & Print
  • Email, Chat & Surveys
  • Sprinklr Unique
  • Highest Data Access & Partnership
  • Data Syndication Rights
  • Integration With First Party Data

Features include:

  • Industry Common
  • AI-Powered Sentiment
  • Entity Extraction
  • Industry Advanced
  • AI-Powered Emotion Detection
  • AI-Powered Spam Detection
  • Audience Analysis
  • Visual Analytics
  • Sprinklr Unique
  • Verticalized AI Models
  • Workflow & Automation
  • Feedback Loop For Continuous AI Improvement

Features include:

  • Industry Common
  • Data Visualizations
  • Automated Reports Distribution
  • Industry Advanced
  • Competitive Insights
  • Display
  • Sprinklr Unique
  • Location Insights
  • Product Insights
  • Smart Alerts
  • Insights Tracking
  • Presentations

AI for Research

Intelligent System to engage with customers and prospects.

9 advanced Workflow Automation features enable practitioners to get more done, faster. And maybe even get home in time for dinner.

Sprinklr leverages its extensive social data sources and tech integrations to deliver a core listening product that feeds into six clouds…
The Forrester Wave™
Social Listening Platforms, Q3 2018

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Sprinklr generates millions of dollars of value for our customers – the 45 primary business use cases below illustrate how Sprinklr can deliver positive business outcomes for your organization.

Modern Marketing & Advertising
Modern Advertising
Modern Research
Modern Care
Modern Sales & Engagement
Generate more sales with better content
Create more impactful content by leveraging AI-powered insights which analyze what your customers, prospects, and competitors are saying
Improve results with the same budget by identifying high-performing content which you've already produced, and then reusing it across channels, markets and business units
Make your content more compelling by getting your customers, advocates, employees, and influencers to generate and promote content for you with UGC, advocacy and influencer features
Reduce content production costs
Save time with your campaign planning and content production using automated workflows, agile boards and milestone tracking
Enhance your team's productivity with contextual collaboration between your internal teams (brand & legal) and external teams (agencies & vendors)
Get all your teams (functions, business units, markets) working together in a single and collaborative platform with a unified calendar and centralized asset management
Protect your brand's reputation
Eliminate the risk of off-brand marketing with a global compliance framework for standardized briefs, content templates, governance rules, and approval processes
Eliminate the risk of unauthorized marketing with an auditable governance structure that manages user access permissions based on roles and responsibilities
Manage the risk of PR crises by restricting content for confidentiality, monitoring with red-flag keyword rules, and the ability to automatically stop publishing across all channels
Increase Return on Ad Spend
Improve your social advertising results with AI-powered, real-time optimization across social platforms, creative unit types, and audience types (psychographic, demographic, geographic)
Increase revenue with your social advertising by leveraging real-time optimization across the conversion funnel for click-throughs, completions, conversions, and sales
Drive better results by using listening insights from the real voice of your customer to improve your content & audience strategy across Paid, Owned, and Earned
Reduce advertising production costs
Reduce your creative production time with creative & campaign workflows that drive real-time collaboration between brands and agencies with auditable governance
Streamline and automate your ad creation and optimization using AI with a unified, cross-channel execution platform
Get the timely insights you need to improve your advertising strategy with real-time, automated reporting dashboards across social and 3rd party metrics
Protect your brand's reputation
Eliminate the risk of off-brand advertising with a global compliance framework for approvals, governance rules, and moderation processes
Eliminate the risk of unauthorized advertising with an auditable governance structure that manages user access permissions based on roles and responsibilities
Manage the risk of PR crises and overspent budgets with controlled access to accounts and budgets and the ability to automatically stop advertising across channels
Grow your business with insight
Improve your products and discover new product ideas by listening to what your customers are publicly saying (LISTEN) and then use AI to get insights on that unstructured data (LEARN)
Stop guessing your brand equity metrics by gaining a real-time understanding of brand awareness, product perception, customer loyalty, and user satisfaction
Improve your demand gen funnel conversion rates by identifying consumer purchase intent signals, switching signals, or lifecycle event signals -- before they become an MQL
Improve your customer experience
Improve your CX score by using AI to examine customer feedback and optimize customer experience across all touch points
Make better informed marketing investment decisions by using deep audience insights to decide on event sponsorships, brand ambassadors, media plans, or content strategy
Gain competitive advantage and save time by understanding their marketing rhythms and tactics, and then incorporate those insights into your own marketing plan to pre-empt their moves
Protect your brand's reputation
Stop being surprised by PR crises with AI-based crisis detection which can detect issues at the very earliest stage, while you still have time to react and alert stakeholders
Protect your brand equity by finding and identifying scammers such as unauthorized resellers, fake brand handles, counterfeit products, and unwanted brand associations
Improve your organization's crisis response SLA with a crisis management protocol that uses automated workflows to connect departments and stakeholders with mobile notifications & alert
Reduce Churn
Reduce churn by providing consistent support across digital channels customers prefer with a consolidated, personalized view of past conversation history
Increase customer retention by using real-time, AI-driven predictors of customer satisfaction for agent-customer engagement
Don't miss a revenue opportunity by empowering your care agents to drive upsells and seamlessly transfer identified leads to marketing and sales teams.
Decrease Costs
Migrate customers to cheaper, modern channels that agents can manage on one unified platform by leveraging AI, IVR-deflection and consolidated omni-channel reporting
Improve SLAs by reducing the time agents spend handling cases with AI-based conversation suggestions, automated workflows & CRM integration.
Allow agents to spend more time solving complex customer inquiries by leveraging AI, integrated bots & communities to manage routine tasks.
Increase CSAT
Retain and upskill care agents with a superior user experience through automation of case assignments and improved workforce management
Monitor and audit agent-customer interactions across digital channels to ensure response quality, brand compliance, customer authentication, and approval workflows.
Take a proactive approach to managing the risk of PR crises with an AI-based early warning system & escalation process across internal teams to ensure customer concerns are managed appropriately.
Turn social into a revenue driver
Don't miss an opportunity to engage with your customers on all modern social and messaging channels by leveraging integrated listening
Social is now the preferred business contact channel, so you can increase your prospect & customer engagement by embedding social on your Web site and other owned properties
Amplify your earned media organic reach by getting your customers, employees, and influencers to generate content for you with UGC, advocacy, and influencer tools
Get more output from social media managers
Increase your social media manager productivity by eliminating manual message sorting and, instead, automatically triaging inbound messages by priority or intent and assigning them appropriately
Increase interactions per social media manager with AI-based conversation suggestions (Smart Replies), templates, and integrated bots that can handle routine inquiries
Let your social media managers get more done by eliminating the need for multiple apps and instead use a single platform for listening, publishing, and engagement across all channels
Protect your brand's reputation
Eliminate the risk of off-brand engagement with a global compliance framework for approvals, governance rules, smart replies and moderation processes
Eliminate the risk of unauthorized engagement with an auditable governance structure that manages user access permissions based on roles and responsibilities
Manage the risk of PR crises with with account access control and the ability to automatically and instantly stop publishing across all channels

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