Integrated Services

Let’s work together to become customer-first.

Sprinklr services are built for you

We believe that technology, no matter how powerful or well designed, is only as good as the people and process that complement it.

Our foremost goal through our suite of professional services is to ensure that you consistently find a return on your investment and reach new levels of success as a business. We apply the right mix of advisory and hands-on support across people and process optimization to make sure that you are successful in your digital transformation journey.


Our proprietary implementation process (Plan, Build, Educate, Empower, Transform) ensures your primary goal in software implementation: speed-to-value. Beginning with “kickstarter recommendations” based on initial audits of your social and business landscapes and continuing through to post-deployment optimization, our enablement consultants focus on working with you to make sure the Sprinklr solution effectively meets your diverse business and user needs.

Knowledge Enablement

Sprinklr offers interactive onsite and virtual training programs, depending on your unique requirements.

Sprinklr Master’s Series

Visit Sprinklr’s headquarters to receive advanced administrative and module-based training as well as certification from our expert training staff. You can even collaborate with other Sprinklr customers on advanced use cases and administration.

Agile Deployment

Whether you require a quick start for a global campaign, general software implementation, or simply prefer a more hands-on, accelerated deployment model, Sprinklr’s team of agile deployment managers are specially trained to perform rapid onsite software deployment.

Success Management

Our Success Management team is comprised of passionate, skillful individuals that will be your leading advocate and point of contact through every aspect of your Sprinklr experience. Your Success Manager is equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to ensure your social strategy is optimized to its full potential, your concerns are addressed quickly, and your get the most out of your investment. We passionately, genuinely care.

Transformation Services

From business process optimization to communication design, the value of your Sprinklr deployment often requires organizational change management.

Business Process Optimization

Sprinklr consultants will work with you to perform a gap analysis between your current and future states, to help enhance your social business process and to maximize your use of the Sprinklr platform.

Solution Design

Whether you’re integrating Sprinklr with legacy systems or installing multiple premium modules, our Solution Architects will help design your full Sprinklr solution at the enterprise level for the most complex software deployments.

Communication Design

Good communication is as important as the right technology in driving successful organizational transformation. Sprinklr offers custom communication program development, through social business workshops for executive stakeholders, office collateral design, deployment KPI modeling, and beyond.

Managed Services

Whether you need to add new users, update your platform configuration, or conduct ongoing training to ensure adoption, successful deployments often require administrative assistance. Sprinklr supplies managed services consultants, in both onsite and virtual capacities, to work as a part of your team and provide expert software administration.

Strategy and Analytics

Our team of world-class strategy and analytics consultants, with deep experience in creating and measuring social programs at some of the world’s largest organizations, are ready to support your social strategy and analytics needs. Whether you are just starting to form your paid media strategy or need expert assistance in fine-tuning your listening program, Sprinklr offers expert strategy and analytics assistance to drive your social program forward.

Moderation Services

Enterprises often struggle with the high levels of inbound social conversation that surrounds a well-known brand. Whether it’s day-to-day assistance or drive by a specific campaign you may require additional staff. Our moderation team assists in content triage, basic or complex response, and influencer identification to make sure there is no conversation left behind at your organization, regardless of internal staffing levels.