Sprinklr Sandbox

Modern customer experience is a brand’s greatest driver of revenue, and that means Sprinklr has quickly become a critical system for organizations; enabling brands to serve their customers in a personal, seamless way across all digital channels.

When your brand relies on Sprinklr to support daily operations, how you approach change to your critical system is just as important as the change itself. With 32% of customers saying that they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience, any missed connection or downtime can be costly.

Many of these experiences are managed by digital applications on an organization’s technology stack. Tools for digital application lifecycle management are crucial for adapting your tech stack to evolving demands — without disrupting your current customer experience.

We’ve launched Sprinklr Sandbox to support your application lifecycle management, allowing you to manage change to Sprinklr without interruptions to day-to-day customer care.

Sprinklr Sandbox offers an isolated test environment that mimics your live production environment, allowing you to practice with precision, create without consequences, and change with confidence. Configure features, test integrations, and onboard new teammates all in a safe, low-risk environment.

Get Sprinklr Sandbox to elevate your change management without risking your customer experience.